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Monday, January 14, 2008

Stain Glass Paintings

Stain glass painting is a contemporary form of art, which has evolved and gained prominence only in the recent past. Stain glass painting basically involves painting on tinted glass by using special paints known as Stain Glass Paints. It is really amazing what this form of art can do a plain piece of lifeless glass. It's effects can be amplified if placed under proper lighting.

Traditionally, glass painting referred to painting on the surface of a sheet of glass, which was included to fill the gap in the stained glass work. This kind of painting, which is actually closer to drawing than painting, was done to add details such as faces and folds of clothing that couldn't be added with traditional lead lines. It was also used to cover up portions of stained glass works so that light was kept from shining through. In most cases, the glass paints used for stained glass painting are predominately browns and grey-blacks. The colours tend to be water or gum Arabic based, and can be applied with a brush in a method similar to the way watercolours are applied. The paints are mostly fired onto the glass using a kiln. The heat of the kiln causes them to bond permanently with the glass.

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